Unit Dose Packaging Services

Sonic Packaging Industries is a leading provider of single-use unit dose packaging services. We offer filling and packaging options for topical, oral, and nasal application, including injection molded, thermoformed, extrusion blow-molded, and foil/foil options. We offer both stock and custom-designed unit dose packaging options, which are available to meet the most intricate of applications. In addition to component design and manufacturing, Sonic completes the picture with custom single use medical packaging & filling services, offering a turn-key solution for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic, and personal care products.

Single-Use Unit Dose Packaging Services:

  • Multiple Product Injection Molded: A stock or custom-designed rigid or semi-rigid plastic component that contains multiple cavities of one or more products to be activated and delivered at the point of use.  The multi-chambered device keeps various elements separated, preventing reactions between them and the desired application area. When ready, the end-user simply activates the device to either mix or dispense each element to a specified area. Devices may be designed with a locking or one-way mechanism to prevent incorrect usage or dispensing.  This component can be designed with and without a flow-through applicator and can be designed to contain solids, liquids, and powders.
  • Point of Care Diagnostics: Point-of-Care Diagnostic testing allows patient diagnosis at home, in the hospital, in the physician’s office, or on the go. The results can be given to the patient in a relatively short amount of time, allowing rapid treatment, along with reducing misdiagnosis.
  • Single Product Injection Molded: A stock or custom-designed rigid plastic component that contains a single cavity of one product to be delivered in a specified area. This component can be designed with and without a flow-through applicator.

As a unit dose device packaging manufacturer, our plants are FDA registered as well as ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified. To get started on your unit dose packaging project, request a quote from Sonic today!