Point of Care Diagnostics Packaging

Sonic Packaging offers unit dose packaging for point-of-care diagnostics. Point-of-Care diagnostic testing allows patient diagnosis at home, in the hospital, in the physician’s office, or on the go. As a point-of-care diagnostics packaging manufacturer, our plants are FDA registered as well as ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified. The results can be given to the patient in a relatively short amount of time, allowing rapid treatment, along with reducing misdiagnosis

Specifications for Point of Care Testing Devices

Product Applications
  • Pathogen detection
  • Detection of organic compounds
  • Enzyme detection
  • Ketone levels
  • Drug/Cannabis
  • Allergens
  • Heavy Metals
Product Options
  • Frangible Blisters
  • Multi-Component Chambers
  • Pierceable activation at  point-of-use  devices
  • Lateral flow designs
  • Custom Injection Molded designs
  • Custom thermoformed designs
  • Resin selection
  • Foil/Foil or multi-layer film structures available for lidding or pouching
  • Mold Flow Analysis for injection molding
  • Glass vials or ampoules
  • Applicators with or without flow-through design available
    • Non-woven & microfiber knits
    • Porous tips
    • Foams –polyurethane, polyester, etc.
  • 3D Printed Samples
  • Prototype molding, filling for samples
  • Secondary packaging for oxygen and MVTR barrier
  • Sub-Assemblies options for post – sterilization
  • Heat sealing and ultrasonic sealing
Fill Ranges  

.10 grams to 30 grams +   of a Powder, Liquid, Gel, or other

  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • PP
  • Glass
  • COC
  • PET
  • Various nonwovens
  • Flexible barrier films

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