Applicator Packaging Options

Sonic Packaging offers a range of applicators for our main packaging options. Sponges, flocked tip, molded, cotton/rayon bud, woven and non-woven towelette material, flow through the tip, pre-saturated and saturated at point of use are several of the options that can be combined with a unique primary package to add a barrier to entry and long-term customer engagement. Request a quote for brush, swab & sponge applicator packaging today!

Applicator Packaging Options:

  • Swabs - Brushes: Stock and custom applicators available with both plastic and wood shafts. These applicators can be combined in a packaging format that will allow the applicator to be sold either in a pre-saturated or saturate at point of use configuration. A wide variety of sizes and material options are available to meet specific requirements.
  • Towelettes - Sponges: Stock and custom applicators available with a wide variety of materials and substrates that can be produced in a package either pre-saturated or saturated at point of use. Package options include, but are not limited to, single towelette/sponge in a hermetically sealed sachet, multiple applicators in a peel and re-seal flow wrap, to a rigid canister or tub.