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Sonic Packaging is an ISO 9001:2015 certified contract packager and packaging solutions provider specializing in single-use and metered dose delivery systems.  We serve medium to large manufacturing and brand marketing corporations from diverse industry backgrounds, including diagnosticpharmaceuticalmedical devicedental, and OTC. Since 1995, we have helped our customers by providing them with innovative packaging solutions that help grow their business. View our case studies below to learn more about how we have helped our customers to succeed. 

Tech Transfer of a 1.0-gram Hygroscopic Powder Sachet

Technology transfer is the hand off of process and product knowledge between development and manufacturing, or from one site to another. The transfer of manufacturing processes, analytical procedures and packaging between facilities or laboratories is an essential part of pharmaceutical development and commercialization today. The role of a CMO is ever evolving and their customers’ demands are driving CMO’s to adapt their services, facilities and technical capabilities to meet current regulatory, quality and consumer requirements.

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Increasing COVID-19 Sample Collection Device Production 4-Fold, from 500K/week to 2 million/week

With the world facing a pandemic, delivering fast and accurate test kits became crucial. Government and diagnostics companies (existing and newcomers) raced to develop and manufacturer fast and accurate tests. As millions of tests were being delivered a critical bottleneck emerged, there were not enough proper sample collection media available to transport the samples from the collection site to the testing laboratories.  One transport medium company implored by the US Government to increase production discovered they could create 500,000 devices a week through existing partners and technologies, but were struggling to overcome the issues required to increase production an additional 3-4 fold to match their demand. That was when Sonic Packaging was asked to help.

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Packaging New Pathways to Success

How can we control our own destiny?” The question was posed by a virtual-based startup for advanced health supplements with both a vision and formulation idea. Originally an R&D and marketing firm, their mission has always been to solve the greatest challenges in health with science; helping people live longer, healthier lives. Led by a team of multiple top scientists, clinicians, and health professionals worldwide, the company hit the ground running in 2014 with its first product, a pill designed to support long-term well-being.

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Using Product Samples as a Marketing Tool with Luzern Laboratories

A cosmeceutical company that redefined what’s possible in skincare is redefining what’s possible for sample packaging. By creating 5ML minis for the product line, Luzern Laboratories has turned plain samples into a marketing tool that combines consumer convenience and portability with brand-building, thanks to a turnkey contract packaging solution by Sonic Packaging Industries.