Bottle Filling Services

Sonic Packaging offers filling of bottles in multiple sizes and configurations offering our customers many options for both small and large production runs. With in-line fillers and high speed rotary options available to meet quick turn marketplace demands, Sonic can provide turnkey bottle filling with strategic sourcing and supply chain management  of all components.

Our bottle filling selections range from small bottles with pinpoint precision dropper tips for the Diagnostic market to large 4 liter bottles for Automotive care. Sonic will provide dedicated production lines with specific line speed goals utilizing multiple shift options to meet product demands.


Product Description

Filling of blow-molded and injection-molded bottles utilizing both high speed rotary and in-line filling methods, Sonic can provide turnkey packaging solutions including new dedicated equipment lines to meet your product requirements. From small doses at .5 mls up to 4 liters, we can fill multiple products SKUs, source components via our approved suppliers, manage transportation and shipping coordination based on demand planning and logistical requirements.

Sonic can provide options for multiple production lines with in-line bottle sorters, capping/torqueing and labeling capabilities. Utilizing our Quality System procedures and processes, we can produce and ship more than 2MM bottles per month, per production line!

Microdosing of powders and liquids available for specific product applications.

Product Application
Fill Range .5 ml bottles– 4 liter bottles+
Materials Used
  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • PET
  • PP
  • PVC
  • Multiple closure and cap options- Flip top, Child resistant, tamper evident
  • High speed labeling available
  • Pressure sensitive wrap around labels and 2 sided labeling
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Fluorination of bottles for improved product stability
  • PCR and environmentally conscious materials available
  • Silk screening and printing available
  • Round
  • Boston round
  • Oval
  • Dual chamber
  • Tip n measure
Bottle Filling Options
  • Pressure sensitive wrap around labels and 2 sided labeling
  • High speed lines:
    • 100 bottles+ / minute
    • In line packout and bundling
  • Nitrogen Flushing and Nitrogen Blanketing are available
  • Neck banding/tamper evident seals
  • Dual Chamber/dual dispense
  • Liquids, Gels, Creams, Pastes from 1 centipoise up to 200,000 centipoise.
  • Micro dosing for powder filling
Secondary Packaging Design and manufacturing of secondary packaging such as labels displays, cartons, club store displays and master shippers