• "Tracey has been great to work with and provides great communication. Tracey is the best."

    - Brayton C.
  • "I just wanted to take a few seconds to thank you personally for all the recommendations/connections you have provided. It is a true pleasure working with you both. You have helped my business immensely."

    - Rohan S.
  • "Helen was awesome to work with! Customer is thrilled with the results!"

    - Melanie Y.
  • "I’ve been in this business for a long time and have never worked with such wonderful people! You make my job SO EASY!"

    - Sarah C.
  • "I found out about Sonic Packaging via current 3rd Party Filler who used them for one of my jobs. Really appreciated the prompt replies on inquiries/calls and of course the high quality of work done! I’d recommend Sonic Packaging to anyone."

    - Tom
  • "I want to thank the Sonic team for doing a terrific job in helping us through a major back order situation. Please keep doing what you are doing, and again thank you for a great job."

    - Gina
  • "Thanks for reaching out. The blister packs turned out better than we could have expected, and they've been a big hit. Thank you for your hard work on those!"

    - Melissa L. - Marketing
  • "Your company has been very responsive and working with Sonic has been great. We will definitely keep you on the list and hopefully will do business together in the near future."

    - Alex S. - General Manager
  • "After weeks of speaking with about a dozen co-packers, we've narrowed our choice to 2 companies --Sonic and one other in the same general region. You personally have a lot to do with Sonic's ending up at the top... We'd be happy and confident to engage with you!"

    - Bruce W
  • "Thanks to Sonic Packaging for taking out BOOST® Fertilizer Dispenser Box design and making it a reality! When I came into my office and saw the sample on my desk my co-workers enjoyed seeing my happy reaction to the result! Having never designed in 3D before, I was nervous about the finished product. Not only did Sonic produce sample packets, they produced the dispenser box too. We anticipate a quick re-order and will call Sonic again."

    - Sally A. Murdock
  • "Your patience always makes my problems seem a lot smaller. You have always come through even when our expectations seem impossible to meet (which is all the time). I consider myself very lucky to work together with such a wonderful company and a great team of people."

    - Grisel R. - Product Analyst
  • "Sonic's service has been extremely vital for our operations. Meeting our timeline, while responding quickly to our many requests for changes, is very important to us. Sonic has consistently met our expectations and has helped us produce quality products."

    - Jacob K. - Planning/Product Development
  • "Not only has Sonic been a very valuable partner in the field of packaging innovation, helping us deliver our products in new and meaningful ways, but they also have an eye on controlling costs and delivering value."

    - Harry H
  • "As a longtime customer, Pedinol Pharmacal Inc. appreciates the personal customer attention provided by everyone at Sonic. It is always a pleasurable experience. They also keep us in the loop about new and innovative packaging available."

    - Marianne R. - Purchasing Manager
  • "We've been working with Sonic Packaging for over 10 years, and they have been extremely flexible, reliable, and responsive to our needs. What I admire most is that they offer the same quality of service regardless of your company size."

    - Kate M. - Senior Product Development Manager
  • "It has always been a pleasure working with the team at Sonic. They are always on the cutting edge of new product ideas and technology. If they can't do it, be assured it can't be done!"

    - Chris C. - Manager of Contract Packaging
  • "Sonic was the last to receive the RFQ for this project but the first to submit your response. Not only did Sonic follow the instructions of the bid sheet perfectly, but they went above and beyond… supplying me with additional information that will be important to the project going forward. I like the way you do business…very professional.Great job Sonic!"

    - Lauren P.
  • "I have been traveling and am in and out of the office again for the next two weeks but wanted to touch base and thank you for your effort, professionalism, and great attitude."

    - Peter D. - Project Manager
  • "Working with Sonic is wonderful because they are a one-stop shop! Reliable and resourceful!"

    - Carmelita L.
  • "What can I say, Sonic is one of our best resources. Our company is in a time of rapid growth and samples are a big part of that. We are constantly reordering products from Sonic and they have served us well. We have gotten into many jams with our vendors not supplying us on time. Sonic has been able to fast-track these orders in a calm efficient way. Having them to rely on removes much of the stress in an already stressful situation."

    - Maurice M. - President
  • "I used separate vendors on these two products because this type of packaging is new to me and I wanted to try several companies out and to ensure we could get everything on time. Although your pricing was not the lowest, your communication and plant location was the determining factor with placing business with Sonic."

    - Mike N. - Sales Manager
  • "I've been sending our customers to Sonic Packaging. They have a lot of capabilities, their communication is great, and their quality is top-notch. They don't have the cheapest prices but that's for good reason given the values I just mentioned. Sonic will also handle the film and displays, which makes it super simple to purchase turnkey."

    - Brian B. -V.P. of Contract Manufacturing

Contract Packaging & Filling Services

At Sonic we work as a team with common goals to create a positive experience

for our customers and valued partners.

Sonic is an industry-leading contract packaging manufacturer and product filling solutions provider serving medium to large manufacturing and brand marketing corporations within the diagnostics, pharmaceutical, medical device, nutrition, CBD, beauty, cosmetics, and animal health industries. We specialize in single-use unit dose and metered delivery systems.

The Sonic Standard is to exceed our customer's requirements and to work as your partner to help you discover the best process for you and your specific product. Our plants are FDA-registered for medical device and drug products as well as ISO 13485 and  ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Our Approach to Every Project!

Sonic Session

Sonic Session

Detailed discussion about goals, requirements, ideas, and desired outcomes



Design, sourcing, targets, terms, review and proposal to assure the solution fits



Quality assurance, regulatory & cGMP compliance, documentation review, and quality control

Project Management

Project Management

Review, planning, procurement, tracking, documentation, and coordination



Inventory, manufacturing, sampling, testing and logistics