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From Good to Great: How Contract Packaging and Strategic Alliances Drive Business Growth

In the ever-changing business landscape, it’s clear that going at it alone can pose significant challenges. Recognizing the value of seeking external assistance, companies are increasingly turning to strategic partnerships to enhance their operations. Sonic is a prime example of a company built on meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with strategic partners.…

Case Study: Tech Transfer of a 1.0-gram Hygroscopic Powder Sachet

Introductionlab bowl and equipment

Technology transfer is the hand off of process and product knowledge between development and manufacturing, or from one site to another. The transfer of manufacturing processes,…

Increasing COVID-19 Sample Collection Device Production 4-Fold, From 500K/Week To 2 Million/Week

Outer Appearance Projects Inner Quality

It doesn’t really matter if your product is the best on the market. If it lacks shelf impact or looks shopworn, sales are not likely to meet expectations.

Indie Brands Overcome Sourcing Challenges

For brand owners doing their own formulation, packaging and distribution, contract packagers can offer design services to create a distinctive package, provide access to thousands of stock keeping units from hundreds of global and domestic suppliers, accommodate small orders and shorten lead times.

Brand Strategy: Create or Acquire?

When it comes to brand development, why reinvent the wheel?

Smart Packaging Protects Shelf Life

Smart packaging protects and extends product shelf life in a variety of ways. Technologies include desiccants and scavengers, antimicrobial materials and temperature-control packaging, labels and devices that control and/or monitor environmental conditions to ensure product is maintained at the appropriate temperature.

Smart Packaging Improves Adherence

An astonishing number of people take medications at the wrong time, at the wrong dose or not at all. In fact, most sources report only about 50% of prescriptions are taken according to the doctor’s orders.

Smart Packaging Authenticates Product

The Future of Smart Packaging to 2021, a report from Smithers Pira, estimates the global market for smart packaging will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8% to reach a projected value of $7.8 billion by 2021.

Packaging Superstars: The Future of Eco-Friendly Innovation is Here

Every year, 1.4 billion tons of trash is dumped into our oceans. Of that 1.4 billion tons, 8 million of that trash is plastic. Gen Z and Millennials – both highly coveted target markets - are making intentional moves toward reducing the world’s environmental footprint.