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Will 2014 Be a Big Year for Sonic Packaging?

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Will 2014 Be a Big Year for Sonic Packaging?

Wed Feb 19, 2014

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately regarding the new year being the time for an American Manufacturing Renaissance.  While we are optimistic that will be the case, one thing we are sure of is that the trend for Made in America isn’t going to disappear.

Here at Sonic, we have been seeing and hearing a greater emphasis from marketers and developers for products made in America.  Whether it’s tooling, raw materials, supply chain management or even filling services, Made in America is something that is being heavily focused on by many businesses.

Staying compliant is a large part of the regulatory environment and when you add to that speed and efficiency it only makes sense to try and find products made stateside.  When looking overseas for the same products and services, not only is there an additional time element, but there are also logistical issues such as getting facilities approved and transportation.  For these reasons, customers both large and small are looking at continuity in the supply chain and pushing for American suppliers to help facilitate their new programs.

Like many other American manufacturers, we experienced great increases in activity during the end of the fourth quarter.  Now that the year has turned over, that interest has converted to commitment.

We are hoping that other American manufacturers are seeing similar things. If that is the case, then perhaps all the news articles are correct. Maybe, just maybe 2014 can be the year that brings American manufacturing out of the shadows and back into the spotlight.