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Why CR Packaging Matters: Liquid Nicotine

Mon Nov 9, 2015

Liquid nicotine is becoming commonplace with the creation of e-cigarettes and vaping.  At the moment, there is a lack of regulation for liquid nicotine packaging.  As vaping has become more popular, the number of reported cases of exposure reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers of liquid nicotine has increased by 100% from 2011 through September 2015:

 Year Reported Cases  
2011 271  
2012 460  
2013 1543  
2014 3783  
2015 2689 Through October 31, 2014

At the moment, most liquid nicotine comes in easy-to-open containers, with no child-resistant packaging. Liquid nicotine comes in many flavors, including candy and fruit. The packaging can be bright colors with pictures of candy on them, making them appealing to children. A teaspoon of ingested liquid nicotine can be fatal, and skin contact with small amounts can cause nicotine poisoning.

A bill was introduced to the Senate in January 2015 called the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act, which would require child safety packaging for liquid nicotine containers.  Unfortunately, the act specifically excludes the actual e-cigarettes and any cartridges, it pertains only to any container that the liquid can flow out of.  Forward-thinking companies should consider that even though it is not the law, it is good practice for public safety to use child-resistant packaging for the e-cigarettes and the cartridges.  Should a cartridge fall, the liquid can escape and pose a danger to children.  A child finding an e-cigarette and playing with it can easily turn it on and expose themselves to the vapor, or imitate their parents and try to smoke.  It might cost a little bit more money for the manufacturer, but keeping child safety at the forefront of packaging decisions is a good model for businesses to follow, reducing liability and becoming an example of ethical business practices.

Child Resistant E-Cigarette Packaging

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