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What's New at Sonic Packaging?

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What's New at Sonic Packaging?

Thu Oct 11, 2012

At Sonic Packaging, it's not enough for us to keep producing the same quality products, without looking around or ahead. As you may realize, we are not comfortable with sitting idly by. We like to improve, progress, and always engage with our clients, our industry, and you, our readers. With this in mind, we'd like to discuss some of the new innovations we've been working on, and encourage your feedback.

One particular product we have been working on for about six months is a two-part package capable of containing either a liquid and a powder or two liquids, allowing the two ingredients to be mixed at point of use. Why is this so innovative? As you know, in many cases there are products that are not stable when mixed, and therefore have a short shelf life. For example, peroxide is not stable in many forms. Imagine you are creating a whitening oral rinse, and with this packaging, you can simply turn the dial, open the membrane, and allow all the ingredients to mix together when ready. Shake, rinse and whiten.

What other uses could this packaging serve?  Energy products, nutritional products, personal care products, and even prenatal products. Folic acid can be unstable in liquid format. With this package, a powder format could be easily mixed with liquid below, and used when ready—no transferring, no mess, just a one-step process that allows for the products to do their job.

We believe this is a potential marketing breakthrough, a way for companies to truly set themselves apart. It adds value to a product, differentiates you in the eyes of the consumer, and, just as importantly, makes for ease of use and satisfied customers.  What do you think? What other industries/areas may benefit from this? Would you use it? We welcome your thoughts.