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What Do Packaging and Animal Rescue Have in Common?

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What Do Packaging and Animal Rescue Have in Common?

Thu Mar 28, 2013

When you're working with Sonic Packaging for any of your packaging need, you'll find we take our business very seriously.  But get us talking about our work with rescue animals, and suddenly, you'll see we're pure mush.  As a company, we're passionate about helping needy animals find homes, and everyone seems to get involved.

Just talk to Howard Thau, the President of Sonic Packaging.  He and his family welcomed their first rescue dog, Brenden, a yellow lab, into their home 15 years ago, and that was just the beginning.  His entire family quickly embraced both Brenden and the cause of saving animals, and soon he, his wife, and three daughters were helping to care for dogs at three local animal rescue shelters and jumping to help whenever another homeless animal needed help.  Over the years they've fostered many dogs, saving them from the PTS (Put-to-Sleep) list, and keeping a few along the way (currently they are owned by Simon, a pit bull who is occasionally fond of wearing glasses, and Jessie, a beagle/lab mix who Howard affectionately says resembles a flying squirrel).  Howard and his family have been so willing to help rescue dogs that they've found themselves in surprising and often humorous situations, including midnight puppy baths and long distance dog deliveries.

Howard and his family's passion for rescue has since rubbed off on the entire company.  Dozens of our employees are now the proud owners of rescued dogs, cats, and other loveable creatures.  It seems our passion for packaging is not all we, as a company, have in common.

Want to see pictures of our furry family? Check out our Facebook page and feel free to share pictures and stories of the animals who are part of yours!