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Value Added Services

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Value Added Services

Wed Nov 5, 2014

During the critical point which determines the success or failure of a product, Sonic Packaging has always helped customers make the right decisions. Sonic Packaging offers a variety of designs for unit dose – single use packaging such as packets, sachets, towelettes and stand-up pouches, stickpacks for liquids or powders, blisters for liquids or solids and unit dose devices for topical applications for a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical/dental. We bring a range of value added services that ensures your products are packaged and delivered the right way every single time.

Sonic Packaging helps you analyze different ways products can be delivered, identify critical issues with existing design, reduce cost, pick suitable vehicles to transport products, recognize factors that affect the speed-to-market, identify the correct suppliers, and lower the complexity in the supply chain. The packaging designs from Sonic undergo rigorous tests such as seal integrity, vibration, compression, and accelerated aging testing to ensure the unit dose – single use packaging designs meet the client’s specifications and exceed industry standards.

No matter the type or size of your product or how complex it is, Sonic Packaging has the designs to package it. If you feel your company is having some gaps in packaging design that is stopping you from achieving its goals and brand identity, contact us to schedule a free session to find out how this gap can be filled.

We provide you the freedom to choose how you want the session – in-person, phone or web based. You can take advantage of this session by presenting your challenges and get answers/tips on how to overcome the challenges to succeed.