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Using Trial Size Products to Gain Amazing Brand Awareness

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Using Trial Size Products to Gain Amazing Brand Awareness

Tue Aug 13, 2013

"Brand Awareness is the extent a brand is recognized by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product"

The biggest challenge with new products isn't always in the creation. In most cases, great ideas are just the start of a long process.  To be truly successful, you must find a way to get your latest groundbreaking product into the hands of consumers.  One of the best ways to conquer this hurdle is through trial or sample sizes.

Most of us equate trial size products with toiletries, similar to the small shampoo bottles you find in hotels or those that you take on vacation, yet they can include almost any product imaginable. The real benefit comes from getting these smaller versions of your full-sized products into the hands (and consciousness) of consumers. Because they don't have to purchase the full-size product, consumers will more readily commit to trying your product.

Of course, you can always take this entire concept a step further, and design a cross sampling program that will allow you to align your sample with a current product or product line. This can be designed as a salable sample or be given away free of cost.   While this will obviously raise costs, the ROI benefits are plentiful including some studies that claim a 20%-90% chance consumers will buy your product after receiving a sample. According to the experts at Deliver Magazine sending or giving away free product samples is "one of the few ways that guarantees a brand due consideration from its target audience”.  When you are competing against dozens if not hundreds of similar products, this higher level of brand recognition is worth the cost.

At Sonic Packaging, our team of designers and engineers bring 25+ years of experience of creating innovative, cost-effective, and miniature versions of our clients' current package. Sonic can assist your team starting at the concept, initial designs, modeling through national campaigns. Our strength is in simplifying the supply chain, and this begins with supplier selection, auditing of the 3 party locations, trial production runs, and will continue to be evaluated throughout the production run ensure quality and efficiency is maintained at the highest level. To learn more about how trial and sample size packaging options and how they can boost your business, contact Sonic Packaging today and we can get you started!