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Tubes Have It

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Tubes Have It

Tue Nov 15, 2016

With alternative distribution (Birchbox, Ipsy Etc.) the demand for smaller size tubes in conjunction with shorter production runs has stressed both purchasing and operations beyond their normal supply chain capabilities. Adding to this challenge, many product lines have 20 or more SKU's each with their own unique filling and packaging requirements.  

Manufacturers have the ability to produce a full-size product, and in most cases fill into standard retail size tubes. The challenge comes when marketing/sales requests production of single or multi-dose samplers, and operations or production does not have the time or ability to run them on their full-size production lines.  

The next generation of ultra-efficient packaging systems have arrived. Cosmetic and personal care marketers could not be happier. With the new custom tube filling equipment, filling and sealing tubes down to 10mm in diameter at speeds up to 80 tpm is no longer a challenge. Quick change overs and sanitization on multiple products has been a stumbling block when producing 3,000 to 5,000 per SKU, yet with today's system it is no longer an issue.  

Customization on secondary packaging for graphics, marketing materials, and added billboard space is achieved with printed sachets, fin seal overwraps, cartons, and trays. The options are endless.  

Tubes to you!