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Triclosan Out, Probiotics to the Rescue!

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Triclosan Out, Probiotics to the Rescue!

Wed Jan 25, 2017

 Although Triclosan was originally registered with the EPA as a pesticide in 1969, it has not been scrutinized in the public mind for its health concerns for the last 15 years. Triclosan is a synthetic chlorinated aromatic compound with anti-bacterial properties that has been widely used in many consumer products such as antibacterial soap, deodorants, toothpastes and other products over the last 20 years. As of September 2016, the FDA, in a final ruling has officially banned the use of Triclosan in hand and body washes, and has given companies one year to either re-formulate their products or remove them the shelves.  

Probiotics are the latest craze in the health & nutrition industry and we cannot escape the ads on TV, radio, infomercials, and products jumping off the shelves at our local retail stores. We are told it is good for our health, yet is it the next step to a safer and better alternative for both soaps and cleaners?  

The U.S. Food and Drug administration defines probiotics as products that contain live microorganisms - such as bacteria- that are found naturally in humans. These live microorganisms, when administered in adequate amounts, give the host (or surface) a benefit. The way probiotic cleaning works is actually quite simple. They keep "bad" bacteria at bay by taking up the surface space they'd normally feed off. With nothing to eat, the bad bacteria go into an inactive state and are unable to repopulate.  

The benefits of using probiotic cleaning products are many, and may include: Natural and chemical-free ingredients, cleans down to the microscopic level and deodorizes the area by eliminating the bacteria that causes odors, and is ecologically beneficial and safe for humans, animals, and other life forms.  

Sonic Packaging offers a variety of packaging options for probiotic companies, including solid dose blister packaging and stickpacks. Are you ready to be rescued?  Request a quote today!