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The Total Package

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The Total Package

Thu Mar 21, 2013

Sonic is more than a packaging designer.  We're not consultants, we're not simple providers of quick and easy packaging, and we're not about short cuts.  Sonic is a leader for good reason -- we get involved in every detail of the individual projects, our clients current and future requirements, and our industry. We believe this is what sets us apart.

We follow the trends and innovations both big and small surrounding the world of products & packaging, and we've seen significant changes in the way customers are communicating and trying to reach consumers these days.  Customers are coming to us saying they want a team that is educated and informed, has true knowledge of the packaging industry and options, and who can get involved in every facet of their package design.  They need someone with an intimate understanding of their brand, who will sit down and have in-depth conversations with their purchasing, marketing, sales, and packaging departments, who understands what works and what doesn't.  Someone who will identify the needs and challenges, and come back with a game plan, a tactic, and formulate a design and engineering program based on that. Someone who will then quickly start developing significant and relevant content and ideas based on their findings.  In essence, sonic will work with them from A-Z, not A-D or T-Z.

What sets us apart, and makes us qualified to handle this task is our total approach.  We are the missing piece -- the packaging company who is there from initial thoughts and questions through design, engineering, modeling, sampling, production trials, validation,  full production, and everything in between.  We are not simply packaging driven; we are packaging process driven.  Our experience has taught us the steps to follow, the questions to ask, and the knowledge of how to avoid pitfalls, how to follow the right steps, and how to fully understand, and then complete the total package.