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The Sonic Way

Mon Jun 18, 2012

Here at Sonic, our goal is to create the ideal package for our customers' products. To achieve this, we've created the five part Sonic Way. It is the tried-and-true methodology to our madness, and we'd like to walk you through it.

  1. Free Sonic Session - This is our initial consulting session and it is free of charge. We meet with you in whatever way is most convenient, be that in person, on the phone or via an internet call—whatever you prefer. We gather the history of your company, the project, the challenges and your vision for where you want to go. Then, we offer our advice on everything from design to materials.
  2. Design - Once you decide to work with us, we get down to business. In this stage, we establish a more formal vision—how you see your finished product, what delivery system you're envisioning, and what the primary and secondary aspects of that packaging entail. Once we get all of that together, we submit multiple designs that incorporate different materials and meet different criteria.
  3. Action - At this stage, we put together a formal action plan. We go over a selection of suppliers, schedule a plant visit so customers can see our facility and meet our team, and we produce lab samples to touch and use. Our clients can determine if the experience they're having with the product is the experience they want their customers to have.
  4. Delivery - This is where we put together timelines and make our final decisions, such as who will be supplying the materials: the client or us. From this point forward, we manage the production process emphasizing communication with the customer. We schedule weekly or bi-weekly calls to give our clients complete visibility. There's no such thing as last minute surprises when you work with Sonic.
  5. Best Outcome - This outcome is the result everyone's always seeking, and it's the result that our process guarantees—a quality product on time or early, on or under budget.

Many times, companies specialize in only one type of package. Our capabilities are much more diverse, and you can see first hand during your own Sonic Session that we work as a true outside party, asking in-depth questions that force our clients to think through their end goals and what they haven't received from packagers or packaging in the past.

We're not a consulting firm. We don't get paid for our ideas, we get paid after you've received quality service and you have a quality product. We're here about tomorrow, not today. At the end of the day, we want the best outcome for our clients, and we believe that the Sonic Way will guarantee that.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what's been missing from your past packaging.