The Sonic Series: Packaging Barriers to Entry Part II: Your Brand

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The Sonic Series: Packaging Barriers to Entry Part II: Your Brand

Tue Jul 18, 2017


Every year, 30,000 new products are launched and 95% of them fail. The reason is that most consumers don't have the time or attention span to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of products, so they use a shortcut to make their decision. That shortcut is your product's packaging. 

 Packaging is a vital tool for building barrier to entry and maintaining a brand’s competitive advantage. In addition to raising product value and appeal, packaging now supports our lifestyles, playing a strong supporting role behind the scenes. When choosing the packaging for your product, you are making an intentional branding decision. 

 How does packaging impact a brand?dish soap

Brand Identity.  Packaging is a critical component of a brand’s image and identity. It is a mirror vividly reflecting the brand. If a product or brand is a leader in the industry or category, the design of the packaging should reflect that position. High quality, intuitive design can help engage users and differentiate a brand in crowded markets.

Brand Value.  When it comes to commercial packaging, you’re selling the next purchase. If the primary package is one that end users interact with regularly, you have an opportunity to build favorability between your brand and the user every time they use your product.

Brand Perception. Packaging offers a unique opportunity in both the consumer and business-to-business markets to influence end user and customer brand perceptions. The appearance and condition of a product impacts perception of your brand. If the package is defective or damaged it won’t build confidence. This holds true whether it’s a beauty product, box of cereal or a tube of adhesive.

Brand Equity. Brand equity is a measure of brand’s worth. Strong brands have higher brand equity because they are perceived favorable over the others by the buyers. Packaging design enhances the value of the contents and passes that impression onto the consumer directly or subtly.

Brand Loyalty. The end game is all about building brand loyalty. Loyal consumers are an asset for any brand, and this phenomenon is a major determinant of brand equity. If your product packaging solves a problem and affords ease of use, consumers are more likely to choose your product and remain loyal.

A product’s packaging should add value by exceeding the customer's expectations. Your packaging is sending a message: what your brand stands for and what it means for the consumer. For more information about how to build barriers to entry for your brand through packaging, contact Sonic today.

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