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Sonic Packaging’s Snap App

Wed Feb 26, 2014

Here at Sonic Packaging, innovation is something that we take very seriously, and we pride ourselves in running with new ideas and concepts whenever we think of one that we can take the distance.  In that vein, we are proud to introduce to you, our Snap App.
sonic snap applicator
Used mostly in the medical industries (podiatry, dermatology and dental), this delivery Snap App system was developed based on the interest from our customers for an intuitive, easy to use free standing applicator package.  Medical professionals need their hands to be free as often as possible so that they can examine their patients, which is where the Snap App comes into play. Since it is stable and will not fall over, it allows the medical professional the freedom to have one free hand for the patient and one for applying the product.  Additionally, it allows multiple applications from a single device meaning that instead of having to open many small packages, this app can be used to cover a larger area.

The Snap App can be used for gels, pastes and creams and the applicator is an integral part of the primary package.  Mixing trays are not needed when using the Snap App as you can mix the unit dose directly within the package.

The secondary packaging for the Snap App will offer the ability to have a billboard for graphics and branding, as well as ensuring it meets all regulatory compliance concerns as well.

As always, we would love to hear from you with any questions about the Snap App or any of our products and services.