Single Use Packaging: Is it Right for You?

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Single Use Packaging: Is it Right for You?

Tue Jun 18, 2013

Once you've found the right packaging partner for your product, the next question often is: "what are my packaging options?"  You might be considering unit/single dose packaging (also known as metered dose) but are wondering what the advantages are, and if it's the ideal choice for your requirements today and more importantly tomorrow.single metered dose packaging

The advantages of unit dose packaging are as numerous as the industries and products that can benefit from them. The medical, pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic industries benefit from unit dose packaging by allowing the patient or consumer to use the prescribed amount of product at the correct intervals. This allows for optimum product performance, compliance, and building long-term customer loyalty to the brand. In the event a titration package is used, the patient/consumer can quickly see when their next dose is required and more importantly a quick visual aid that they may have missed an application/dose.

Another important advantage to consider is that metered dose packaging eliminates the risk of contamination.  For cosmetics, consider products that are used around the eyes, nose and mouth that come in a wide mouth open jar.  Each time the user is dipping his/her fingers in the jar prior to applying the product, there's an opportunity for bacterial contamination and exposure to the environment.  By offering the patient/ customer a pre-prescribed, one-time-use packaging solution, cleanliness and hygiene are assured from the first through the last dose.  Any product that is constantly exposed to the introduction of dirt, bacteria, and the air can become an ideal breeding ground for contamination.

Of course, single-use packaging comes with a higher cost than a multi-dose package.  Although this is an important factor to consider, the benefits of consistent use , better hygiene, and packaging that's unique and preferable to competitors'-are worth the extra cost to the program.

As an example, we provide metered packaging for a hormone replacement cream that comes in an easy, 28-day single dose regimen pack. Based off the ease of use and clearly outlined dosing intervals, our client has seen a substantial increase in their sales, positive customer feedback, along with placing additional orders with higher quantities at shorter intervals than with their multi-dose tubes and jars.

If you have a unique product-a facial moisturizer, a beauty lotion, a nutritional powder-it may be time to consider unique packaging for it will truly make your product stand above the others.