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Regimen Style Packaging

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Regimen Style Packaging

Fri Dec 5, 2014

Sonic Packaging engages with customers across a variety of industries to provide answers to their packaging needs, whether it’s for liquids, powders or solid formats. For example, the medical field; regimen packages can help patients who may not get the maximum benefit possible from their medications due to taking it at irregular intervals or in incorrect dosages.

Patients who fail to take their prescribed amount of medications on a set schedule can end up doing their body more harm than good, and this can lead to additional complications that both the patient and medical professional are trying to avoid.  This issue contributes to increased sick leave, loss of productivity and billions of dollars of cost for the health care industry annually. However, yearend trends are showing that pharmaceutical companies are looking to incorporate a more regimen style form of packaging for their topical and oral dose medications in an effort to combat these problems.

Of all patients who don’t take their medications as prescribed, it’s estimated that 30% miss their dosages because they forgot to take them, which is a simple error anyone can make. However, when patients follow a specific regimen they will achieve the maximum benefit out of their medication, such as with antibiotics and topical anti-inflammatory creams. Metered and unit dose packaging taken at specific intervals benefit the patient by providing the exact amount of medication required.

Another benefit of this type of packaging is that it can stay with the patient or a caregiver due to the convenient size and format of the package. In a clinical setting, some caregivers may be giving more than one medication to more than one patient, so a single use, metered dose delivery system would be the perfect answer. There would be no more measuring, taking away the possibility of human error. So regardless of the type of drug and whether it comes in liquid, solid or powder form, Sonic Packaging can manufacture the perfect container for any medication.