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Questions and Answers in Packaging

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Questions and Answers in Packaging

Wed Jul 18, 2012

 Tablet Blister Packaging

With the downsizing of packaging departments, the new economy, and the overall changes in the industry, the packaging process isn't what it used to be. Unlike other industries, it seems companies are having a harder and harder time finding skilled packaging engineers to fill positions. Surprisingly, there are more openings than there are applicants. According to Mary Ellen Reis of Triarc Beverage Group, a beverage marketer, "It's very difficult to find someone who knows not only how to design for different package types but also how to build the artwork to print across a variety of different substrates." With packaging, marketing, and other departments now all disjointed, what does this mean for the world of packaging?

There are some important questions to ask when considering this. What is it that you need, and what is the best way to get there? How will your process be streamlined? Can a good packaging company help you with this streamlining? We believe that our knowledge and experience can help you determine potential gaps, critical issues, and ways to save money. Other things to consider, when looking for solutions, are how smart are you being with your resources in this rough economy? What have you been doing right, that others have been doing wrong? What should you do differently, going forward? It's crucial to understand these things and to constantly ask tough questions.

At Sonic, we encourage you to consider this on your own and with us and to present us with these questions. Schedule a free in-person or phone/web-based idea-driven session, and we'll go over your thoughts, challenges, ideas, questions, and fears. It's an ever-changing world, and we are passionate about effectively moving forward with our clients.