Packaging Trends in 2015

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Packaging Trends in 2015

Tue Jan 6, 2015

Packaging design continues to evolve and push boundaries through using new materials and styles. Businesses have decided to re-brand or re-design their packaging to keep up with current trends. Some brands even update their packaging to refresh their look and attract new audiences.

Packaging continues to be a key element in marketing, and it is very important to design the right packaging while also considering the latest ethical packaging policies.

The following are the emerging packaging design trends that you can expect to see in 2015.

Hand-drawn logos and labelling – With the rise of social media; brands are now more approachable and accessible to consumers. As a response, brands are developing an online personality which is helping them take on a more relaxed and public approach to consumer relations. Many brands are now transferring their online identities to offline marketing, especially through the use of personalized, handwritten or hand -drawn elements on their product packaging.

Hyper-functional forms – All packaging is required to fulfil three purposes – to house, protect and transport the product from the store to your home.

Flavor differentiation using design – If a brand was to change the color of a product’s packaging it can influence a consumer’s flavor perception of the product. A change to the weight of the container can also change the impression of the quality or value of the product.

Kraft paper has been used to package postage items for years, but recently more brands are using kraft paper in varying thicknesses to package their products. Kraft paper has high elasticity, a high tear resistance, and is widely recyclable, making it a perfect option for products that are instantly consumed, such as food. This material is used to pack consumables, particularly organic food for companies who want every aspect of their business to be able to promote ethical actions.

Digital brands are beginning to use QR codes on their packaging to direct consumers to their online channels. Regular campaign hashtags are printed across various packaging in an attempt to encourage consumer interactions on social media. However, some brands are now incorporating custom technology on their packaging that allows consumers to gain access to exclusive content.