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Packaging Innovations for Medical and Dental Professionals

Fri Nov 9, 2012

dental tool

These days, there's more and more emphasis being placed on running a medical business efficiently.  It stands to reason that a doctor who sees more patients in a day will have a more successful and profitable practice.  Over the years, the dental industry has been especially forward thinking in this area, realizing ease of use for supplies and equipment means more efficiency.  Lately, the podiatry suppliers  and professionals are seeing a growing interest in their market, and suppliers are asking "how can we make it faster and easier for our clients to work with their patients?" They are being forced to be more innovative in the science and delivery of their products.

How does this translate to the world of packaging?  Simply put, the medical packaging that these suppliers, and in turn, their professional clients, rely on needs to keep this in mind.  At Sonic Packaging, we've been working on this for some time and have various products that are at the forefront of innovation.

For the podiatry industry, we've created one such delivery system that promotes ease of use, efficient delivery, and increased safety.  Typically, podiatrists needing to treat certain conditions, such as ingrown toenails, have been using an aggressive chemical packaged in a small, multi-dose bottle.  Sonic created a new package consisting of a pre-measured dose that a) is intuitive and safely allows the Podiatrist to treat the area while ensuring the dangerous chemical won't spill and/or burn, preventing any contamination, and b) ensures easy, accurate dosing of the chemical. The prepackaged metered dose is ready to be administered and the doctor is confident he has the correct dose each and every time.

For both podiatric and dental professionals, packaging such as this keeps in mind patient care-safety, shortened visits, etc.-and business efficiency, eliminating time and guess work.  Medical professionals have no time to waste, and we realize that.

As a patient, would you appreciate this kind of innovation? As a medical professional, would this make your practice run more smoothly? And as a supplier, would this promote your product?  How else would this kind of technology be a benefit? Let us know your thoughts!