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Packaging in a Pinch

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Packaging in a Pinch

Mon Apr 30, 2012

Here at Sonic, we know packaging: We truly feel there is no project we can't handle. For that reason, we always prefer to start at the beginning of your packaging process. That way, we can set you up with the best system possible, right from the get-go. But in addition to giving us great foresight, our experience enables us to begin at any stage of your packaging process, including the end, when everything's locked into place, and that one integral piece just doesn't fit.

Recently, we had such a case. Our client was about to go to market with a major tooth whitening product. They had distribution deals set up with HSN, QVC and Sephora. They had a product that worked, a source for materials, a company to make the product, and a beautiful packaging design from a prestigious California design firm. The only thing seemingly left was for you to make an impulse buy late at night while watching TV, use their product, and tell all of your friends.

But there was one catch-all of the pieces worked individually, but our client suddenly found that they had no way to get the effective whitener into the beautiful packaging. The gel was too thick, the opening was too small, and they had no machines that could do the job. That's when they called us.

We were happy to help. We developed an automated system with a diving nozzle small enough to fit into the opening of the package, and we designed it in such a way that it would fill the package from the bottom-up, thereby avoiding any air bubbles. We also built a pressure system to make sure the thick gel would move through the thin nozzle at a fast enough rate to maintain an efficient production schedule.

And that was that. No changes to the process they had in place. We simply fit ourselves into what was already there and made it work. And we'd love to do the same for you. Just think of us as your packaging superheroes.