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Packaging for the Generations

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Packaging for the Generations

Wed Sep 7, 2016

As long as there have been products for consumers to buy, there have been trends in packaging and marketing them.  Take a look at a popular product from 30 years ago: It may seem quite outdated now, but back then, chances are it was contemporary.

Therefore, it's important to stay current and to speak to all the generations. Getting the consumer to try a product for the first time is half the battle, and we believe the best way to do that is through innovative, unique, and creative packaging.  You can have the best product of your kind, but if no one likes the look of it, then no one will want to buy it.  Customers do judge a book by its cover.

You need to connect to your consumer.  It's no secret that the younger generation-Generation Y or i, as they are sometimes called-is driving marketing.  They like things sleek, sexy, and intuitive.  They have iPhones, iPads, iTouches.  The older generations are keeping up with them and since they have more disposable income than their younger counterparts, it is very important to not discount them. In order for a product to sell, whether to an 18 year old or a 50 year old, products, and the packaging they come in need to stay ahead of the generational curve.  Savvy packaging finds a balance between young and old, and speaks to all potential customers.

Can you think of any products you've seen lately that do a good job of this? Do you think there's a particular look that speaks to multiple generations and is au current? Let us know your thoughts!