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New Packaging for the New Year: Moving Ahead in 2013

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New Packaging for the New Year: Moving Ahead in 2013

Wed Jan 30, 2013

As the new year is here and well underway, we at Sonic take note of what our clients are focused on and what's at the forefront of the industry.  We have noticed major conversation regarding the chicken versus the egg in product and packaging.  What comes first, and when do you start the process?

Whereas the markets were previously driven by the product, so many companies have come to find that in order to be customer-driven, they need to refocus their attention on the packaging.  Learning that the packaging is as integral as the product itself, many companies were simultaneously learning that in order to compete, they needed to go back and redesign their product to be better integrated with the packaging, making changes in order for both to function together.  Naturally, this poses time and money challenges, as you can't afford to lose any time when trying to stay competitive.  Now, we are seeing that many clients are coming to us early on, and asking us to be there for their design, engineering, and material selection stages so that they won't have to reconfigure their product and lose valuable time.  We've recently seen many customers who have learned from the past, and in the name of staying competitive, have realized that by working with us early on, that packaging and product manufacturing go hand in hand, and in essence, the chicken and egg are born simultaneously.

The new year brings an opportunity for growth and evolution.  Engaging your customers, adding to user experiences, and making a more attractive, user-friendly package-while putting a stronghold on the market-now is the time to think about these variables.  We all know that in business you can't afford to lose time asking who can take care of your packaging needs.  Starting the year with fresh budgets and fresh vision, you may be asking "what impact can we make for the second half of 2013?".  We can help answer that question.