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Made in America Matters At Sonic Packaging

Mon Nov 18, 2013

When it comes to bringing manufacturing back to America, what started out, as a trickle is now becoming a flood. A recent survey from the prestigious Boston Consulting Group shows that more companies than ever are considering re-shoring the least part of their manufacturing from China and other markets. Major companies like Wal-Mart are making even greater efforts to focus on American-made products. The reasons for this ever-increasing shift are manifold, including

  •     Consumer demand for higher quality products that meet all regulatory standards
  •     A worldwide preference for and trust of, products “Made-in-America
  •     Chinese manufacturing and shipping cost rising to American levels
  •     Lower U.S. energy costs brought on in part by the shale gas boom

At Sonic Packaging, we have always been committed to all things “Made in the U.S.A”. Because we cater to the pharmaceutical and health industries, our contract packaging facility has always been FDA and ISO-registered. We feature four separate class 7 and 8 clean rooms, and a team of engineering and quality experts that are simply the best. By manufacturing products, in the U.S. you also create other jobs including those in the testing, development, and fulfillment fields. It has certainly been the case at Sonic Packaging as we have seen as aspects of our business grow as the demand for “Made in America” products has risen.

If you want to learn more about how Sonic Packaging has thrived thanks to our commitment to being 100% American-made visit our website or contact us today.