Introducing the Dose Sprayer, A Metered Unit-Dose Spray Delivery System For Veterinary Applications

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Introducing the Dose Sprayer, A Metered Unit-Dose Spray Delivery System For Veterinary Applications

Thu Jun 8, 2017


A Sonic Solution for Man’s Best Friend (Simon-Approved)

Veterinary Packaging Solutions

The arrival of summer brings warm weather, longer days, picnics and vacations. Unfortunately, the arrival of summer also comes with some less friendly things for our furry friends. Ticks, fleas, hot spots, swimmer’s ear, seasonal allergies… the list goes on and on. Making sure our animal companions receive the best treatment is always top of mind; which is why Sonic Packaging is proud to introduce the Dose Sprayer- the first device of its kind to incorporate both a metered dose and unit dose spray delivery system.

When it comes to veterinary care, accuracy and ease of administration are key. The Dose Sprayer features metered single-dose technology for non-invasive, systemic delivery via oral, otic and topical routes for up to 0.6ML of liquids and water-like gels. Comparable products on the market deliver a metered, multi-dose spray; however, only the Dose Sprayer allows for a metered, single unit-dose delivery.

The Dose Sprayer is ideal for a variety of veterinary applications, including:

  • ear treatments
  • hot spots
  • flea and tick applications
  • allergy symptoms
  • oral hygiene

As a disposable, single-use device, the Dose Sprayer eliminates contamination with sanitary delivery. The Dose Sprayer features a spray mist plume for targeted delivery to a specific area, resulting in more efficient distribution and absorption while also eliminating issues such as product runoff and accidental overdosing. Additional spray formats can be achieved with the configuration of different luer lock attachments.

Safety features include an intuitive “lockup” design. Once the actuator has been engaged and the product dispensed, the device cannot be returned to an open position; preventing misuse and re-purposing. Primeless, one-handed actuation facilitates ease of use and ready-to-use convenience.

Key Performance Features:

  • Accuracy: accurate, metered dosing that can be calibrated to a specified volume
  • Compliant: FDA compliant resins/materials standards and global regulations
  • High Barrier Packaging: available in a variety of high barrier materials to ensure product preservation and optimum shelf life
  • Sanitary: Eliminate contamination with sanitary delivery
  • User-Friendly:the primeless feature offers ready-to-use convenience
    • Customizable Design: Optional printing and labeling for product differentiation
    • Convenience: compact, portable ready-to-use design
    • Traceability: Barcoded outer packaging for traceability and billing at the point of use
    • Consistency: Consistent, even coverage on target areas
    • User-Friendly: primeless, one-handed actuation
    • Safety: “Lock Up” design to prevent mis-use and re-purposing

Sonic is proud to partner with Simon and his friends to deliver an innovative metered, unit-dose delivery device tailored to a variety of veterinary applications. Achieve improved accuracy, consistency and efficiency with the Dose Sprayer. Contact Sonic today for more information.