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Getting Back to the Basics

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Getting Back to the Basics

Wed Mar 12, 2014

Along with creative innovation and efficient product execution, Sonic Packaging has always put a large concentration on customer service.  A quick look at our testimonial page will show that we do great work and enjoy communicating with our clients and prospective clients.

One thing that a lot of companies are beginning to forget about in this digital age is that as important as an online presence is, nothing tops face to face interaction. In order to truly connect with clients, you must also connect with their supplier network! Developing relationships within the client's supply chain will provide increased industry knowledge, understanding of order cycles and educate all parties on new innovative delivery systems.

Personal attention is at an all-time high at Sonic.  Alongside our digital efforts, we are picking up the phones, sending out hand written notes and having face to face meetings with our clients and suppliers. On an ongoing basis, we send out monthly surveys to our customers asking for feedback. We want to know how we are doing on a myriad of things; customer service, quality, on-time delivery and more.

By getting back to the basics, we will make our service and our company even more difficult to top.