The Future of Diagnostic Testing

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The Future of Diagnostic Testing

Tue Aug 5, 2014

Sonic is excited to announce to our loyal blog readers that we have been engaged to produce a custom delivery system for a new diagnostic test kit! When it comes to patient diagnostic care (and general patient care) it is always advantageous to test patients in a non-invasive manner.  Wouldn’t it be even better if the patient were able to know their results right away?

With that in mind, the test kit was designed to avoid sending the sample to a 3rd party testing lab, and instead, the health care provider will be able to test the patient's sample right there in the examining room.  After taking the sample, they will be able to insert the sample into the device and give the patient their results immediately. The patient will then be able to focus on a treatment program if required and determine what they need to do for future health and wellness. This system is often referred to as point-of-care testing.

There are two avenues for this device:

  1.  Pre-packaging the reagents in a micro-dose packet. The technician will fracture or pierce the packet with the reagent chemical in a sequence that allows the technician to quickly analyze the specimen.
  2. Allowing the health care providers to collect their patient’s breath instead of other bodily fluids, and analyze it for any indication of illness. A device that allows the patient to breathe directly into the device, would also be able to a simple solution that allows in-house results.

By removing the 3rd party, the time for results is drastically reduced, as well as the number of incidents of incorrect readings due to overwhelmed technicians. In many cases, because so many tests are being done and sent out, there are mistakes and false positives. This will act as a solution to those problems.

To get started with your point-of-care testing kit, request a quote from Sonic Packaging today.