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Continued Growth and Dedication at Sonic Packaging

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Continued Growth and Dedication at Sonic Packaging

Wed Feb 11, 2015

Sonic Packaging, a leader in the contract packaging industry, is continually striving to increase their impact in the marketplace when it comes to single-use or metered dose delivery systems. Sonic Packaging believes that by having their employees reach and exceed their potential they can directly participate in ensuring the success of each of their customers.

Continuous improvement is part of their mission statement, and they are committed to recognizing that each employee brings a different set of indispensable qualities and talents to the table. Understanding this translates to empowering the employees to not only help customers with their specific packaging needs but to think outside the box when it comes to exceeding expectations.

An example of Sonic Packaging going above and beyond came recently when working with a client in the personal care industry. This client was putting together a presentation for a big box retailer in order to promote the sales of a new product that had not yet been released. Sonic Packaging was able to design, tool, and print both the foil sachets/folding cartons, displays – providing a complete turnkey solution for this client, by taking their artwork and translating that into the finished product prototype in just two weeks.

From the package design, to the proofing & printing, to packaging services, the employees at Sonic Packaging worked diligently to help this client deliver a world class presentation backed by professional, stylish, and quality packaging.

Not stopping at simply putting packaging together, the employees at Sonic Packaging also hand delivered the printed samples on a moment’s notice in order to meet tight deadlines. This is just one example of Sonic Packaging’s commitment to customer service and their dedication to being a leader in the contract packaging industry.