Color Packaging Trends You Should Know

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Color Packaging Trends You Should Know

Mon May 7, 2018


From hi-tech VR and AR labels to color, shape, and texture trends in packaging, brand marketers monitor and forecast the ever-evolving consumer needs of their target audience, especially the coveted Millennials and Gen Z.  And the popularity of Instagram leaves them wondering how to cash in on free “insta-worthy” advertising - and leverage it in a way that continues consumer engagement beyond social media.

Packaging trends are utilizing color as more than just an eye-catching design strategy to influence emotional or psychological buying decisions. But also as a tool to revolutionize consumers’ interactive experience, and pull ahead of the competition.


old flowers



How many times have you turned, twisted, and squinted at a milk carton or a tube of ointment to locate the expiration date that’s barely legible?

Angela Spinder, principal director of Depot Creative, asked “What if packaging changed color as the product spoils (like a decaying flower)?”  Now, that’s forward-thinking sure to delight consumers and inspire brand loyalty.

But this isn’t an entirely new idea in disruptive technology. This and many other active and intelligent packaging concepts have been in development and tested by industry professionals for a decade or more.  

Some business drivers for this relatively new niche are consumer engagement, food waste reduction, anti-counterfeiting, cold-chain applications, and IoT.  Some barriers to rapid expansion are financial restraints, legislation, sustainability, and it’s just so new the investment is quite risky.

According to Olapic, 56% of social media users are more likely to buy products photographed and shared by consumers rather than seen in an ad. Color packaging with shelf life color indication is sure to catapult social media and brand loyalty. Color cosmetics, skincare, pharmaceuticals, produce - the possibilities are endless!


girl with orange background 



Gen Z Yellow is a thing! - and taking over millennial pink. Is the annual unveiling of Pantone’s color of the year taking a back seat to the cultural movement of generational color representation?

Yellow is here - from Canary to Tuscan, yellow reigns supreme for 2018.  And not just as a pop of color. This energetic hue speaks loud and clear, covering every inch of packaging and white space, taking no risk of being overlooked.

Apparel, cosmetics, olive oil...the full spectrum of consumer products and packaging are taking full advantage of this color trend...and winning!

color packaging                                     



In color branding and packaging, neutral represents more than just a range of muted hues.  In our new, and hopefully ever-increasing landscape of gender equality, neutral represents enlightened luxury.  

Minimalism is gradually being perceived as a high end way of life - and brands are taking notice.  It’s the intersection where simplicity meets equality meet sophistication.

Unlike Gen Z yellow,  neutral packaging leaves plenty of white space to maximize beautiful logotypes and simple designs.  

Symbolism is another feature working in tandem with neutral hues,  representing brands’ unisex functionality. Fragrance and cosmetic brands use ornaments as part of the design to tout brands’ gender-neutral platforms.  

Color packaging is as important to product marketing as the product itself - especially in this era of social media sharing.


You can expect to see color used more and more intuitively to delight consumers.  Whether it’s the ease of use or social and cultural representation, color packaging has a myriad of possibilities transcending all lines to fit fluctuating buying habits of consumers.  

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