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Product Samples As A Marketing Tool

Thu Sep 20, 2018

Luzern Laboratories Case Study - A Turnkey Contract Packaging Solution


The Company 

Luzern Laboratories was founded upon a belief that it is possible to create effective, clean skincare that combines high efficacy ingredients without the use of toxic skin-aging irritants and additives. Luzern owners, Jen and Ralph, created the company in 1996 based upon their father’s passion for nutraceuticals, healthy foods, and organic ingredients, which from an early age had instilled a desire in them to learn more about how these components could affect skincare. Critics told them it was impossible; that formulating with clean preservative systems and concentrated actives was too difficult and too expensive. Despite the naysayers, Luzern Laboratories set out to redefine what’s possible. 

Driven by a passion to develop safe products with uncompromising performance, Luzern forged a new category of skin care products; bridging the gap between “phyto and pharma”, to clean up the preservatives and additives that cosmeceuticals leave behind. Since then, the Norwalk, Connecticut-based team of roughly 20 employees has been dedicated to advancing the state of innate beauty from the inside out.

“Consumers can have amazing daily beauty care and avoid chemicals. We are proud that all of our highly effective products help make clean ingredients accessible to everyone,” states Luzern Operations Manager, Fred Rodriguez. 

Luzern’s skincare line includes cleansers, moisturizers, repairing serums, exfoliating face masks, toners, and sun protectors.  Renowned for their superlative spa regimens and skincare products amongst top spas, plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide, Luzern Laboratories has quickly risen as a leader in cosmeceuticals.  

The Challenge

With 24 SKUs on the market, Luzern’s primary focus was on increasing sales through continued product promotion. Having used packets and sachets for past product promotions, Luzern was searching for a sample packaging solution in the 1-5ml size range, that would be more in line with their current salable SKUs for visual and functional delivery. The challenge was finding an economical way to create sample runs of 24 products that presented in a high-end, professional manner. Luzern needed a solution that would differentiate them in a highly competitive market without breaking the bank.

In addition to presentation, Luzern also wanted a turnkey solution. Having relied on outside entities for sample needs in the past, Luzern wanted one company that could handle it all - from sourcing to filling. 

The Solution

Upon recommendation from a supplier who knew of a New Jersey-based company that could successfully deliver turnkey solutions for niche applications, Luzern reached out to Sonic Packaging Industries to create a sample-sized solution for their product line.

After meeting with Luzern’s team, Sonic proposed the reintroduction of Luzern’s 24 SKUs in 5ml sample miniatures that would mirror the full-size version of each product. The custom replicas would deliver prestige for the brand while effectively reinforcing brand identity and driving future sales for the company. Sonic would also offer a turnkey solution to Luzern. The ability to source and supply short runs of printed tubes and foil, along with filling for both the tubes and pouches, made Sonic an easy choice for Luzern. 


Implementation of custom samples for multiple product skus was not without its challenges. Obtaining bulk samples from the manufacturer to determine the size and flow characteristics for 24 formulations was tedious. After sampling was complete, all incoming bulk had to be cross-referenced and confirmed as a match to the sample bulk initially received, followed by a final sample submission back to Luzern for approval. Small runs of 3,000 units were then executed for all skus.



Consumers will experience benefits such as portability, usability, and convenience. In addition, Sonic’s solution highlights Luzern’s distinguished branding by repackaging the products into 5ML samples for each sku. Unlike more common cosmeceutical promotional packaging, Luzern’s new samples are a literal recreation of the full-size product line. By designing fully-branded miniature replicas, Luzern can connect with consumers through added touchpoints; which translate into brand reinforcement and an unparalleled user experience.  

The added value was not solely for the consumer. Luzern now has a turnkey solution that has allowed them to eliminate all outside suppliers. Overhead costs have been eliminated, as Sonic is now managing and maintaining operations. The minis have also created an entirely new saleable SKU for Luzern that will address consumer needs for travel and “on the go”. 

Born from the impossible, Luzern looks forward to future opportunities that Sonic’s solution has created for the line. 

About Sonic Packaging Industries

Sonic Packaging Industries Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008-certified contract packager and packaging solutions provider, specializing in single-use and metered dose delivery Systems. Sonic serves medium to large manufacturing and brand marketing corporations from diverse industry backgrounds, including diagnostic, pharmaceutical, medical device, dental, and OTC. Providing custom packaging and filling for a variety of materials, including gels, liquids, powders, tablets, and capsules. Sonic can design, develop and fill both the primary and secondary packaging based on the desired customer inputs/outputs and regulatory requirements. All Sonic plants are FDA registered for medical device and drug products as well as ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified.  Founded in 1995 by Howard Thau, Sonic works as your outsourcing packaging partner from concept to customer to discover and create the best delivery system and process for you and your specific product.