Contract Packaging News & Latest Trends

The Role of Color in Customer Purchase Decisions

When designing new packaging, your package should be enticing to the intended audience.

The Product or The Package, Where Do You Start?

In the past, companies big and small typically started in the laboratory developing products for current or future demands.

How Product Packaging Influences Buy Decisions

How does packaging influence the buying decision for consumers?

Make Improved Communication A Priority In Business

Think about the old game of telephone: one person says a sentence or phrase, which is passed along to other people through a chain. In the end, without fail, the message has been changed or distorted.

Continued Growth and Dedication at Sonic Packaging

Sonic Packaging, a leader in the contract packaging industry, is continually striving to increase their impact in the marketplace when it comes to single use or metered dose delivery systems.

Packaging Trends in 2015

Packaging design continues to evolve and push boundaries through using new materials and styles. Businesses have decided to re-brand or re-design their packaging to keep up with current trends.

Regimen Style Packaging

Sonic Packaging engages with customers across a variety of industries to provide answers to their packaging needs, whether it’s for liquids, powders or solid formats.

Value Added Services

During the critical point which determines the success or failure of a product, Sonic Packaging has always helped customers make the right decisions.

Manufacturing Day and the Skills Gap

One of the most pressing issues facing the manufacturing industry today is the skills gap. There are numerous organizations and programs that concentrate on rectifying the current situation; however, one of the most well-known and celebrated social movements is Manufacturing Day.

Safety in Liquid Nicotine Packaging

As covered in a previous Sonic blog, child-proof packaging for medical marijuana is an extremely important issue the industry is currently facing.