Contract Packaging News & Latest Trends

Packaging for the Generations

As long as there have been products for consumers to buy, there have been trends in packaging and marketing them. Take a look at a popular product from 30 years ago: It may seem quite outdated now, but back then, chances are it was contemporary.

Tubes Tubes Tubes, Single Dose, Multi Dose, Applicators or not. Tubes Tubes Tubes.

With the very competitive market for new products at retail, professional, personal care or medical, companies are in search of new technologies to improve customer experience while adding value and barrier to entry.

Waste-Free Packaging: Is it Always the Greenest Choice?

We now live in a time when environmental consciousness is at its highest, and being wasteful is no longer condoned. In all aspects of life, consumers are looking to be greener, and this is especially true when it comes to packaging.

Child Safety is Job One

According to the Poison Prevention Information Center, nine out of ten poisoning incidents involving children occur in the home. Medicines, household cleaners, and other chemicals are common sources of unintentional poisoning.

Why CR Packaging Matters: Liquid Nicotine

Liquid nicotine is becoming commonplace with the creation of e-cigarettes and vaping. At the moment, there is a lack of regulation for liquid nicotine packaging.

The Role of Color in Customer Purchase Decisions

When designing new packaging, your package should be enticing to the intended audience.

The Product or The Package, Where Do You Start?

In the past, companies big and small typically started in the laboratory developing products for current or future demands.

How Product Packaging Influences Buy Decisions

How does packaging influence the buying decision for consumers?

Make Improved Communication A Priority In Business

Think about the old game of telephone: one person says a sentence or phrase, which is passed along to other people through a chain. In the end, without fail, the message has been changed or distorted.

Continued Growth and Dedication at Sonic Packaging

Sonic Packaging, a leader in the contract packaging industry, is continually striving to increase their impact in the marketplace when it comes to single use or metered dose delivery systems.