Contract Packaging News & Latest Trends

Introducing the Dose Sprayer, A Metered Unit-Dose Spray Delivery System For Veterinary Applications

The arrival of summer brings warm weather, longer days, picnics and vacations. Unfortunately, the arrival of summer also comes with some less friendly things for our furry friends. Ticks, fleas, hot spots, swimmer’s ear, seasonal allergies…

Unwrapping New Regulations On Vaping: What You Need To Know

Since its 2007 debut in the American Market, the burgeoning vaping industry has gone from subculture to mainstream. Newly enacted federal regulations are in place and additional state regulations continue to make headlines.

Triclosan Out, Probiotics to the Rescue!

Probiotics contain live microorganisms that keep "bad" bacteria at bay. Sonic Packaging offers a variety of packaging options for probiotic companies.

Tubes Have It

With alternative distribution (Birchbox, Ipsy Etc.) the demand for smaller size tubes in conjunction with shorter production runs has stressed both purchasing and operations beyond their normal supply chain capabilities.

Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Liquids Oh No!

Sublingual (beneath the tongue) delivery is not new, yet based on the many advantages of this administration for both medications and nutritional supplements, there is a renewed interest in this product segment.

Packaging for the Generations

As long as there have been products for consumers to buy, there have been trends in packaging and marketing them. Take a look at a popular product from 30 years ago: It may seem quite outdated now, but back then, chances are it was contemporary.

Tubes Tubes Tubes, Single Dose, Multi Dose, Applicators or not. Tubes Tubes Tubes.

With the very competitive market for new products at retail, professional, personal care or medical, companies are in search of new technologies to improve customer experience while adding value and barrier to entry.

Waste-Free Packaging: Is it Always the Greenest Choice?

We now live in a time when environmental consciousness is at its highest, and being wasteful is no longer condoned. In all aspects of life, consumers are looking to be greener, and this is especially true when it comes to packaging.

Child Safety is Job One

According to the Poison Prevention Information Center, nine out of ten poisoning incidents involving children occur in the home. Medicines, household cleaners, and other chemicals are common sources of unintentional poisoning.

Why CR Packaging Matters: Liquid Nicotine

Liquid nicotine is becoming commonplace with the creation of e-cigarettes and vaping. At the moment, there is a lack of regulation for liquid nicotine packaging.