CapabilitiesSingle Use, Metered
Dose Delivery Systems
(powders, liquids & solid
dose formats)
Contract Packaging
Design & Engineering
PortfoliosPackets, Sachets,
Towelettes & Stand Up Pouches
Stickpack for Liquid or
MV1 Unit Dose Device
with or w/o Flock Brush
Med App for Topical
Blisters for Liquids or
SVA.5 Unit Dose device
with Ampoule
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Sonic Packaging Industries Inc. is a
Contract Packager Specializing in
Unit Use,
Metered Dose
Delivery Systems

Packets, Sachets, Towelettes & Stand Up Pouches

Packets, Sachets, towelettes & Stand Up Pouches Packets, Sachets, towelettes & Stand Up Pouches Die Cut Packets-retouched


Sonic Packaging Industries offers innovative packet options for all your single use/ unit dose requirements. These include, but are not limited to single packets, tandem or side-by-side packets, and even packets connected in strips of three or more. Our packets are available in various shapes called die cuts and can incorporate coupons, pour spouts or even be 360 degree round. Custom die cuts can be made to represent a mini version of your full size retail package as well. Packets are an economical way to share your product with consumers in the form of a free sample and/or retail your product in unit dose packages as part of a regimen. Numerous material and print options are available.

Our towelettes are an economical addition to a packet when you need an applicator for your product. It can be pre-saturated in the packet with your product, or in a tandem packet with one side holding the product and the other holding the towelette. Numerous towel textures, thicknesses and sizes are available along with many material and print options as well.

Our stand-up or gusseted pouches can accommodate larger fills for multi-use products and be a nice alternative to a canister or tub. They are utilized often for protein powders or individually wrapped chews. Pouches can be produced with various resealing options such as zippers and "peal and reseal" features. Just like packets and towelettes, pouches also have numerous options for materials and printing.

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